Race Official Seminar

Race Official Seminar

Open to all volunteers and anyone interested in race management




30 November 2023 @ 1800 hrs

Officials Seminar Details

Date and Time: Thursday, 30th November, 1800 - 1930 hours

Location: Royal Bright Yacht Club 

RSVP by Wednesday 29th to secure your spot. https://www.sailing.org.au/events/214330/

Agenda: The Future of Race Management:


1. Club Perspective: Gathering Personnel for Regattas

  • Discuss the importance of club perspectives in assembling effective personnel for successful regattas.

2. Seeking Redress for Competitors

  • Delve into the process of seeking redress for competitors, ensuring fairness and adherence to the rules.

2. Buoy Zone Updates

  • Stay informed about the latest updates on buoy zones and their implications for race management.

4. Time Permitting: World Sailing Case Study

  • Explore a World Sailing case study if time allows, offering valuable insights and learnings.

This seminar presents a unique opportunity to enhance your skills, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the continuous improvement of race management in sailing. We encourage active participation and engagement from officials at all levels of experience.

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